Palmetto Equine Awareness & Rescue League

Serving Upstate South Carolina

Neptune's Horses by Walter Crane

Who We Are

P.E.A.R.L. ® is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and welfare of all equines. We are an all-volunteer organization with no paid staff positions. Our efforts are funded solely through donations.

Our Mission

It is our mission to educate equine owners and to support the efforts of South Carolina's Law Enforcement agencies, Animal Control departments and Humane Society Chapters to provide fair treatment and care for equines.

We are dedicated to taking some of the burden off our overly taxed law enforcement and animal control by offering to oversee the case management of reported neglect including, but not limited to, working with animal owners suspected of neglect to ensure they understand equine care needs from feed to health care. It is not the goal of P.E.A.R.L. ® to seize and litigate, but instead to work with law enforcement, animal control, and humane societies as well as with owners in need of assistance.

P.E.A.R.L. has educational programs we present to law enforcement, animal control and Humane Society chapters, informative seminars as well as fund raising ideas we are looking forward to presenting to South Carolina's Upstate equine enthusiasts.

We save equines with your help

We provide a safe environment for animals that have endured starvation, neglect and physical abuse. Each animal receives medical attention and daily positive human contact. We strive to rehabilitate each animal in the hopes that we can locate responsible, caring and loving homes.

Why we are doing this

The main reason for P.E.A.R.L. to be in operation is for the love of equines. Most animal shelters do not have the facilities to house such a large animal, thus the reason for P.E.A.R.L. ®. We are striving to eliminate the abuse and neglect by promoting responsible equine ownership through education and community awareness.

In the event an animal is being seized by law enforcement and/or animal control, P.E.A.R.L. ® will work with the officers to provide transportation of the animal to a safe location, where they can be assessed, receive medical attention, and proper nutrition, until the animal can be placed in quality rehabilitative and/or foster care or be permanently placed in a caring adoptive home.

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