2 Horses in F. Van Clayton Highway

Two members of PEARL answered a request for assistance from the Pickens County Sheriff's Department. Dispatch called to report that 2 horses were in F. Van Clayton Highway near Rocky Bottom.

Our news report is here.

One of the horses had been struck by a vehicle and was down. The second was standing by the roadside. The deputy relayed through dispatch that the down horse had two broken back legs and he was going to euthanize it. We relayed back instructions on the proper way to euthanize it with a firearm.

We arrived about 1.5 hours later and found the remaining horse grazing by the side of the road. We loaded the horse and moved it to the quarantine facility.

The horse had a severe case of "rain rot" and had minor injuries to all 4 legs. The horse was very underweight, with a body score of 2.5 out of 9 on the Henneke Body Scoring system. It was slightly dehydrated and produced a loose stool. We washed the horse with an iodine scrub for the "rain rot" and placed a call to the veterinarian. We were unable to find a microchip.

We contacted a newspaper in the area to advertise the horse to find the owner.

The following day Dr. Keith Stafford of Stafford Equine Veterinary Services examined the horse, now named F. Van Clayton. Dr. Stafford also scored the horse at 2.5 out of 9. He noted that the horse had normal lung and heart sounds, normal gastro-intestinal sounds in all four quadrants, and areas of Alopecia all over his body. He estimated the horses's age at 20 years. He administered Strongid dewormer and prescribed Zimecterin Gold in 2 weeks. He recommended feeding 1 quart of water-soaked Seminole Senior Complete Feed 4 times a day, and 1 flake of bermuda hay 2 times a day, working up to 1/3 bale per day over a week. He also recommended continuing the iodine wash daily for 2 weeks.

On September 23rd farrier Paul Harrison gave F. his first hoof trimming.

We received no response from the news stories in the Pickens Sentinel, so we contacted Liberty, SC Magistrate Bruce Anders to learn what the procedure is for taking posession of an abandoned animal. Judge Anders send us a form to complete, and he scheduled the sale of F. on October 1st. There were no bidders for F. so Judge Anders awarded him to PEARL for the cost of rehabilitation. He was placed with one of our volunteers who has been working with him for several weeks.