Injured horse on Griffin Road

On December 10th the Anderson County Sheriff's Office contacted us about an injured horse on Griffin Road. The horse had a laceration on its left rear leg, and the leg was swollen. The deputy had contacted the owner and asked him to have the horse treated by a veterinarian within 24 hours, and he was verifying that we could care for the horse if the Sheriff's Office had to seize it.

On December 12th the deputy called and asked us to remove the horse and have it treated by a veterinarian. We met the deputy at the Griffin Road location and found a medium sized palomino gelding about 10 years old.

The horse had an old 8-inch laceration on its face that still had stitches, and an open wound on its left rear leg. The deputy stated that when he arrived the horse's injured leg had been wrapped in an old tee shirt. It appeared that a green substance had been applied to the wound. We cleaned the wound with Betadine solution and wrapped it to protect it during transport.

We transported the horse to the PEARL quarantine facility where Dr. Keith Stafford evaluated the horse. He removed the stitches from the horse's face and cleaned and debrided the leg wound. Unfortunately the laceration broke the tendon sheath. He prescribed antibiotics, daily dressing changes, Betadine scrubs, stall rest, and hand walking for 60 days. He also stated that if the owner was willing to pay for it, the best option for treatment is at a surgical clinic because of the involvement of the tendon sheath and degree of infection.