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Neptune's Horses by Walter Crane

South Carolina is probably not the first state you think of when someone says "horses", but, according to the 2004 South Carolina Equine Survey sponsored by the South Carolina Department of Agriculture, there are over 84,300 horses scattered around the state. The same report estimated that there are almost $3 billion in equine-related assets in the state, including land, buildings, equipment, and vehicles.

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Here are links to some equine-related organizations around the state:

Reporting Abuse in South Carolina

South Carolina has a well-written Animal Abuse law. Title 47 Chapter 1 defines "animal" and describes the offences and penalties for abusing them. Any law enforcement officer authorized to enforce state law can investigate and prosecute violations of this chapter. Additionally, the Legislature authorized the counties to create county code enforcement officers (Section 4-9-145), pass ordinances relating to animals (Section 47-3-20), and establish a county animal shelter (Section 47-3-30).

Unfortunately county animal control officers were not given authority to enforce state animal cruelty laws, so they can only enforce county animal ordinances. There was an attempt to correct this in 2007 (H.3327, S.716) but the amendment got stuck in committee.

There is no state-level organization for reporting animal abuse. Instead, each county has some mechanism for reporting, investigating, and prosecuting animal abuse.

The South Carolina Association of Counties has a list of county government websites here, and the South Carolina Sheriffs' Association has a directory here.